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Save time and money by letting us do the dirty work.

We offer a way to take the chore out of laundry pick up in Vancouver. It's as simple as a phone call and we will have one of our specialty drivers come and pick up your dirty laundry! This service is for our customers who would rather enjoy life away from the hassle of having to deal with washing clothes all the time, or are just too busy to do so.

Call us today to schedule a pickup.

How it works

#1) CONTACT US: Call or email us with pick up address and create an account.

#2) SCHEDULE: Choose day and time for delivery

#3) PICK-UP: Place your laundry in plastic bags and hand them to our driver or leave outside your door.

#4) DELIVERY: Receive your freshly clean and folded laundry same day, next day or two days.

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